Decks to Beat #001


Call it our Alpha edition.

I have been talking with Gabe Carlton-Barnes for a few weeks now about a new, narrowly Magic-focused podcast for the Top8Magic family. With Pro Tour Eldritch Moon in the books and Grand Prix Portland on the horizon there seemed like no better time to get things started. We got together at Gabe’s place in Portland, with some comments from Max the Metagame Cat and recorded Episode 1 without a logo or any of the eventual iTunes stuff sorted out but we will be back week after week and we will have the corners less rounded the next time out.

Max the Metagaming Cat
No motorcycles roaring by but you may hear the occasional feedback of Max.

The premise is simple. It is The Decks to Beat, hearkening back to the days of scouring the Magic Dojo (link: for the latest technology. Each week we will look at the decks you will be be most likely to face in that weekend’s metagame and identify the strengths and — hopefully — the weaknesses of the those builds. If your goal is to get better at Constructed Magic, be it at FNM, a PPTQ, SCG Open, or even a GP, you are in good hands with Gabe Carlton-Barnes. He is the steward of the Portland Magic scene and has qualified for the Pro Tour countless times through local events. Over the years, he has been particularly adept at finding the right tool for the right weekend job. This week I got his take on the decks to emerge from Pro Tour Eldritch Moon and which of them he is most likely to be playing in his hometown GP this weekend.

If you have not seen all the decks from the PT, which was won by Lukas Blohon with White Black Control you can find the links below.

As for our podcast…we hope you enjoy.

Brian David-Marshall – @top8games
Gabe Carleton-Barnes – @uncle_gcb