Desperate Ravings

What is Desperate Ravings?

Desperate Ravings is a collaboration between Mike Flores, Gathering Magic, LegitMTG and ManaDeprived.com. It is a contest that will get you back to writing with your pen and paper!

How does it work?

The initial details by Mike Flores are given here: Desperate Ravings #1 – The First One’s Free!.

But, basically…

Flores gives out a homework assignment on FiveWithFlores.com.

You do the homework as instructed and post it to the homework Facebook page.

Then we (The Sponsors) go through the homework and pick winners!

The winners will receive a free $10 gift certificate from one of the sponsors!

Participants who complete all 7 assignments will have a shot at $50 gift certificates from the sponsors.

One lucky participant among the ones that have completed all 7 assignments will win a one-hour call with Mike Flores.


Here are the official links for Desperate Ravings. Enjoy!

Five With Flores – This is where the homework will be given out!

Desperate Ravings Homework Group – Post your homework here!

Desperate Ravings Facebook Page – “Like” us and tell your friends about Desperate Ravings.

Gathering Magic – GM is giving out www.coolstuffinc.com gift certificates.

LegitMTG – Store of one of my best friends in the game, Jonathan Medina.

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