Episode 149, with KYT off in Hong Kong, the Eh Team looks at new Standard decks and what they’ll see the Pro Tour in Dublin. Junk midrange from SCG Cleveland. Looking forward to playing Theros Game Day, and facing the Hydra! Why Jay doesn’t like Theros limited. Scott, Jay, and Jeremey make their Pro Tour Theros player draft.

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

Monday Pro Tour Player Draft Update!
Scott (15 pro points)
1) Josh Utter-Leyton 171st 3
2) Reid Duke 34th 6
3) Yuuya Watanabe 41st 6
T) Ben Moir 168th 3

Jeremey (15 pro points)
1) Ben Stark 47th 6
2) William Jensen 35th 6
3) Shahar Shenhar 132nd 3
T) Sebastien Denno 378th 3

Jay (13 pro points)
1) Tom Martell 51st 5
2) LSV 59th 5
3) Gerry Thompson 281st 3
T) Alex Hayne 72nd 5


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