Cube, Streaming, & MTGO

Streamer extraordinaire and MTGO Cube nut, Jan van der Vegt, or DzyL as he is known on MTGO, visits the Eh Team to talk streaming, MTGO Holiday Cube, and Modern. Jay and Jeremey played some Holiday Cube, together. Jan has a Modern brew he has been working on for GP Prague, and finishes with the tale of an insane RTR draft from the Pro Tour, including the return of Scumbag Stories!

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

And The Winner Is…

Shown below are the three insane logos chosen as finalists for the Eh Team logo contest. Big shoutout to ProxyGuy, Brandon Long, and Airzooka!  Who won? You’ll have to listen to the show to find out! But the Eh Team wants to give a big thanks to EVERYONE who submitted logos (even KevyMetall). Your effort, dedication, and creativity are sincerely appreciated!!

BONUS FEATURE: For those fans interested, the complete logo deliberation session by the Eh Team is available as a separate episode extra you can download here (right-click to save).

(Merch shown below are concepts only, by the artists. The real Eh Team merchandise produced will probably not be as shown.)

Winner: ProxyGuy!
ProxyGuy’s ManaMoose and JoeBen
Brandon Long's RadioTowerMapleLeaf
Brandon Long’s RadioTowerMapleLeaf


Airzooka's GraffitiLeafSplatter
Airzooka’s GraffitiLeafSplatter

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