The Eh Team #180 – The One with Chris Kluwe

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This week, the Eh Team welcomes the man, the myth, the legend, Chris Kluwe to discuss Magic Conspiracy, Pro Tour Journey into Nyx, and more!

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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Jes Gölbez

Awesome show. It’s great to see somebody from outside the normal MTG inner-pro circles onto the ‘cast.

Scott Walberg

this was a good episode, not that the others are bad. anyway i live in minnesota and am a Vikings fan. i watched Chris punt every sunday, he kicked the ball a mile. i did not realize he played magic until last year when he spoiled one of the Commander 2013 decks.


That was pretty good. How the hell does Jay handle an interview while Scotty sits silently by during it? That seemed very backwards to the “norm” but was done very well regardless.

Favorite term and quote of the day was definitely from Jay. “sweaty neck-beard fedora-wearing cheeto eater” will likely stay with me for the week.

Editing sounded better too. There were still the awkward pauses but there also seemed to be an increase in transitions edited in.

Anyway, gotta go before I feed wifey into the snow-blower.



” How the hell does Jay handle an interview while Scotty sits silently by during it? That seemed very backwards to the “norm” but was done very well regardless.”


Eric Y

This episode was a nice change of pace in terms of guests. Nice cast duders.


There is a facebook thread where Ali Aintrazi said a word and was basically full on blasted for a few days straight by a few select individuals.

I was very sad to see this. I personally feel like the face of bullying has changed into this “white knighting”. It is this double edged sword that people don’t see.

I am not saying everyone who is doing this is a bully, but in the situation with Ali I did think people were bullying him for using a specific word.

In the podcast you mentioned the use of the word Gay being used in a negative connotation, and how we should move to change that. I personally find that the real problem, and what we should be teaching our kids is not to use any words in a degrading or negative way about others.

If what someone is saying isn’t meant to hurt you don’t let it. I do believe somewhere deep down you have the power to choose whether or not you are offended.

Teaching love an acceptance of others will go a lot further than teaching people that doing and saying this or that is bad.

This episode really was great, and I love you guys. Thanks for being here each week and giving the community a boost through your show.


On another note. Star wars is in fact the greatest thing in the world.


The word bastard is now a purely negative descriptor word. It has a real definition, but is rarely used that way. As a product of unmarried parents, if it bothers me to hear bastard used as an insulting word, do I have the right to tell everyone they aren’t allowed to use the word bastard?

Nobody cares about the word bastard because it doesn’t matter anymore if your parents were married. When we get to a point where it doesn’t matter who you have sex with, will gay be ok to use in a similar manner?

Words offend people, it is next to impossible to express yourself publicly without offending some segment of the population. Context is everything, and you can’t be responsible for everyone’s feelings. There is a big difference between making a joke and being defamatory, but the line is different for different people.

Franky Richard

The point is: if you’re offended by certain words, don’t be a gay bastard about it.


Hey guys, great show as always! A few pointers:

– Chris is super cool. I also had never heard of him before the Conspiracy video. Thumbs up to him!

– Jay asked why City in a Bottle is in Vintage Masters, and the reason is that it is a legitimate sideboard option against decks that use Bazaar of Baghdad, and as a bonus it works as land destruction for City of Brass.

– I want to buy the Tuque, but I’m from Brazil and am waiting for the Eh Team T-Shirt to buy them together and save on the shipping fee 😛


great episode! couldn’t help but let a few kow-boosh’s out. while you guys dropped bombs of awesome content on us. I didn’t know of Chris before this podcast myself but I can tell you i’m certainly following him on twitter as of this episode.



No more guests for a while, unless it’s me. Then you should totally have that guest on. Because he’s awesome. Except Scott and I will just talk modern the whole episode and Jay will go back to playing Dota2.


gary hills

excellent interview, please have the enguaging indiviual that you had standing in for Jay back, he was awesome 😉


I am always horrible at writing long, meaningful comments. That said, this was one of my favorite episodes you guys have put out in a while, all starting from the hour mark forward. I knew Chris was an cool person before, I didn’t realize he was an awesome human being until Monday.
Having now gone and watched his TED Talk and re-listened to your conversations on equality and open-mindedness, I feel I am becoming a better person, just like the “Happy Wife, Happy Life” period the cast experienced last year.
And as much as Heavy Meta totes themselves as being THE BEST, they never scratch the depth you guys get into. There, I said it! Internet is forever, I will hand in my SVU Badge.

Thanks Team.


This is a long post. I don’t blame you if you don’t read it 😛

Issues with race, gender, hobbies, and any other political correctness are just distractions from the real problems; not just our side of the world (US/Canada), but all over the world. The problems I’m referring to are the global economy, tyrannical royalty, and carelessness of big corporations.

The only reason gay rights and racism is on the top of the general public’s priority list is because of main stream media and fake liberals in government that create distractions so you and me won’t get mad about real problems.

Issues with inequality with race and gender are real problems, but what you probably don’t know is that those problems are being provoked by the entertainment industry, and the media, that are engineered by corporate governments and agencies like the CIA with the intention of degenerating society so the ultra elite can push their new world order. Sound crazy? Reality is stranger than fiction (often times fiction is based on reality). Do a google search about the new world order and agenda 21 and you will see a whole different side of things. It’s like opening your eyes for the first time, again.

So what can peons like you and I do? The first thing we can do is shut off the TV. Do not watch network TV; do not watch CNN/ABC/MSNBC/CBS. It isn’t real journalism, and the majority of the time it’s coated in lies. There’s a good reason they are called “presstitute” media.

Have some favorite shows you watch? Watch them on Netflix, youtube, or Hulu. If you love sports and have to watch TV, then avoid any media channels. Get your news, history, and current events from “alternative” media like Drudge Report, Infowars (my personal favorite), World Net daily. Go to those websites if you want unfiltered, unscripted, and uncensored truth about how the world really works. Spend 10 minutes a day on Infowars. I promise you won’t regret it.

News not your thing? Start by watching documentaries. That’s how I first got interested in the real world. My personal favorites are Loose Change final cut, and End Game Blueprint for Global Enslavement.

There may or may not be things you can do to make a difference, but that’s for you to decide. Just remember that small things add up.


Interesting conversation with Chris but won’t say anything else, as everybody else said pretty much what had to be said. Except for one thing: The irony that Jay keeps calling people Joben and we know that can be taken in ambiguous ways.

As for Jeremey losing the “bet”, I have the feeling it won’t be as bad. After all, he has been in Heavy Meta before!

Finally, to extend what heitorvrb wrote below about City in a Bottle. An errata was issued recently on that card: http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/arcana/1492

To quote the article: “This means that you can safely play your Arabian Nights Mountains against City in a Bottle, but you can’t play your Ali from Cairo that was printed in Masters Edition IV or City of Brass printed in Modern Masters.”


Fucking awesome cast guys. Having Chris on and the Conspiracy stuff was great. Jay, I’m from that same timeframe of being raised where “gay” was associated with something bad. And you nailed that on the head, there are so many other awesome words one can us to denote something terrible. That was great. Having grown up with grandparents that were in the stockyard business I have been afforded and amazing vocabulary chock full of awesome random swear words. Thankfully I’m not in the electrician trade or anything of such; I’m an engineer and therefore I have plenty of nerds of all shapes and sizes around me. It’s like a nerd utopia. My nerdness traverses multiple hobbies as I’m also a car nerd and video game nerd, and guess what, there’s plenty of all those types of nerds around. It’s like this great social experiment where nerds are allowed to run free.

Speaking of video games… ASSASSIN’S CREED UNITY AND ROUGE! Coming soon, where’s my assassin brother Scotty Mac at!!


Chris is cool as hell. Please be sure to bring him back on again. I enjoyed this.


Other side note, Jeremy, you’re a great addition to the cast. Me being one of the old school huge fans of the cast I’m quite stoked to have you on here. You’re really coming into your own and doing a great job.

Guys keep up the great work. Not only are you my favorite cast and provide me tons of all the magic goodness that I need, you’re also friends of mine and helped me through a ton.