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KYT and Mr. ScottyMac are back from slinging some Modern at Grand Prix Boston, and do they have stories. Every single member (all four) of #TeamGeist made Day 2! And congratulations to Mr. ScottyMac for being selected as one of the eight players representing the Magic community in the MTGO Community Cup in Seattle, later this fall!! Jeremey’s headed north to Yellowknife in October for Ptarmicon to do a panel chat and some Magic judging. The guys look at the pros and the cons of the changes to Magic Organized Play: the new division of Preliminary & Regional qualifiers for the Pro Tour.

Eh Team’s PT Draft Picks: Overall match points, & final placement as tie-breaker.
Jeremey: Huey Jensen, Ben Stark, Jon Finkel
Scott: Owen Turtenwald, Tom Martell, Paul Rietzl
KYT: Reid Duke, Josh Utter-Leyton, Alex Hayne

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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Click here to get your Eh Team toque from Face to Face Games.com

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