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The trio of KYT, Jay Boosh, and Jeremey record an episode without Mr. Scotty Mac, while he’s in Seattle competing at the MTGO Community Freaking Cup! Jay got to Cube with Scott while the latter was enroute to Seattle. Jeremey is having a hard time choosing a Standard deck for the final WMCq this weekend. The guys look at more Khans of Tarkir spoilers, and especially how the new Delve cards will fit into Constructed formats. Why Jay Boosh just can’t get excited about Khans as a whole, and what that has to do with Bad Movie Night. The pros and cons of Conspiracies (the card type) in Cube. KYT had a disappointing 5-4 performance at GP Salt Lake City the weekend before playing M15 sealed.

Message to Our Listeners from Scott: “I will be giving away a WMCQ Geist of Saint Traft plus a token to one of the people that donate at least 5.00 to the ALS Walk for my beautiful wife. Draw will be on Friday Sept 19/2014.”

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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