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It’s episode 199, and the Eh Team is back together just in time for the Pro Tour. Mr. ScottyMac is ramping up his streaming and moving over to a new “Mastering Magic” series on ManaDeprived.com! Jay Boosh drafted Khans of Tarkir for the first time last weekend, and still doesn’t quite know what to make of the format. KYT seems to be done with his early losing in Khans draft, and has started winning drafts online with the Sultai Delve archetype. Predictions for Standard decks, and undervalued cards, at the Pro Tour. The Eh Team Pro Tour player draft! KYT & Scott reminisce over Power Rangers, and other goodies found on Netflix.

PT Draft: (Match Points, Tie-Breaker: Highest Result)
KYT – Huey Jensen, Yuuya Watanabe, Shouta Yasooka, Jon Finkel, Jon Stern
Scott – Tom Martell, Paul Rietzl, Ben Stark, Jeremy Dezani, Melissa de Tora
Jeremey – Reid Duke, Stan Cifka, Jacob Wilson, Josh Utter-Leyton, Sam Black
Jay – Owen Turtenwald, Eric Froelich, Alex Hayne, David Ochoa, Conley Woods

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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Click here to get your Eh Team toque from Face to Face Games.com

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