The Eh Team #275 – Call a Judge

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Jeremey, Matt, and JayBoosh are joined by the Mac himself, Scotty, to help hype Grand Prix Toronto… which is TOMORROW (when this podcast first airs). Matt won the Kansas Modern SCG States. Jeremey instead got to judge his Alberta Modern SCG Provincials on Sunday. A controversial call, how Jeremey is pushing himself to learn the Infraction Penalty Guide, and how appealing a call can actually be a positive for both the floor judge and the players. Scumbag stories! Speaking of Modern, the guys are pretty positive about the announcement in Barcelona of the removal of the Modern Pro Tour from the 2016-2017. However, when it came to announcements, everything was overshadowed by the big Platinum payout cutbacks. The Eh Team discusses how WotC could have made such a negative announcement, what is driving it, and what–if anything–can be done to fix this. [Ed. Note: This show was recorded the evening of Monday April 25, half a day before WotC announced* that at least the decision to cut the Platinum pro fees for next year has been reversed, while the World Championship increase for this year will stand.] As almost an anticlimax to the weekend, Matt and Jeremey urge everyone to watch the excellent Enter the Battlefield documentary. YOU DID IT! The GoFundMe for GP Toronto reached 100% of its goal!

Don’t forget the ManaDeprived GP Party will be 9:30pm-2:00am on the Saturday of the GP, at a great location in Toronto’s Liberty Village neighbourhood.

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, & lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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