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Jeremey’s been playing Pokemon Go, and lives in a really lucky neighbourhood to be doing so. The impact of Pokestops and Lures on attendance at Magic tournaments. Jeremey managed to do well playing Green-Black at the EMN prerelease, resisting the siren call of white bombs. What does playing in a Prerelease have in common with the Edmonton Oilers? Which cards Jeremey thought were standouts in the new sealed format. More Dredging in Modern, this time with Zen Takahashi’s WMCQ-winning list. KYT & Jeremey enjoyed the EVO Street Fighter V championship this past weekend. The lessons to be learned from the EVO winner’s interview, Infiltrator, and how they apply to competitive Magic. Jer’s Bad Codenames play story from the Prerelease. Eldritch Moon cards that could break out in Modern, for the upcoming PPTQ season.

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, & lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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