The Eh Team will be doing another Google+ Hangout tonight at 9 pm EST. Once the show is live, the link to the live YouTube stream will be posted here. YouTube allows viewers to leave comments and we will be interacting with you guys as we stream.

Link: Live YouTube stream

Update: 9/21 – 12:30pm

We have now posted the recorded videos below:

Video #1
Video #2

There was some level of frustration from our fans who were trying to get into the Google+ Hangout last week, but as we mentioned in the original post, the Hangout only allows for a maximum of 10 participants. It was our intention to cycle through as many people as possible, which proved to be another challenge as Google+ does not allow any of us to directly kick someone out.

For this week’s Hangout, we will be keeping it simple and only have the 4 of us inside of the Hangout. We will answering most of the questions asked to us on our Reddit AMA which you can find here:

AMA with the Eh Team, popular MTG podcast

As always the plan is to have the stream recorded as a podcast for those of you who cannot make the Hangout.

The Eh Team