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In this episode, the Eh Team begins by discussing the Standard decks already seen at Worlds, along with the Extended decks from the MOCS dozen. They reflect on the relative social geekiness of Magic compared to other pastimes, and then go on to read some comments left by listeners of Episode 17. They end the podcast by declaring who they were rooting for at Worlds 2010, and start planning their road to Worlds 2011.

Episode 18 – The Year of Conley's Beard

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Throwing Fire – Ronald Jenkees

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This week, in Episode 17, the Eh Team weighs in on the recent Saito
>> DQ and banning, while Scott and Boosh have it out over the new
>> upcoming Commander pre-cons. The guys comment on the relative
>> difficulty of the MPR Relief challenges, and finally make the time to
>> tell the hilarious tale shared with them by Danger Dan. As per usual,
>> they finish by discussing what they've been playing lately, and those
>> hardy listeners who make it all the way to the end of this longest
>> cast yet will learn which card Scott rips up this week!