Esper at Mythic Championship III, More Sideboarding Advice


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(3:20) Alex goes over his Mythic Championship III
(10:55) KYT gets Alex to talk about specific card choices of his Esper deck
(14:20) Why having even just 1-2 cards different can make a huge difference
(16:00) Why Alex didn’t think Mono Red was that good heading into MC3
(17:40) HIGH-LEVEL: Why it can make sense to side out a land in a low curve deck
(24:00) How Alex trolled BBD by pretending to stream at MC3
(30:00) KYT & Alex go over a Brad Nelson decision in the Grand Finals: when to wait
(41:00) How to sideboard in Limited
———– END ———–
(50:55) Food for thought for the next episode, nature vs. nurture, chess parallels
(54:00) KYT goes over the deck he has used to grind up to #50 on Arena – Bant Manipulation
(59:00) KYT wants to shed “just a content producer” tag
(1:05:20) Did people think Alex was a good player after he won a Pro Tour?
(1:12:00) Why brand value can be important, Lords of Limited shoutout
Pro Tour champion and MPL member Alexander Hayne chats Magic: The Gathering with KYT over food/coffee.