I’m honoured to be able to present to you one of the coolest cards that ManaDeprived.com has had the pleasure of ever spoiling. Welcome Myth Realized!

Myth Realized_Mana Deprived_20150312

Let’s just jump into what I believe could be applications for the card!


For Standard, the first deck I can see Myth Realized jumping straight into is Jeskai Tokens. Ever since Yuuya Watanabe showcased the deck at Worlds, the Jeskai Tokens deck went from being one of the top two most popular decks in the format to disappearing completely from the metagame.

Players realized that the deck had a high variance of power. It was amazing when you had Jeskai Ascendancy in play but not so much when it didn’t. It was also a deck that suffered against well-prepared decks packing a healthy amount of black hate in Bile Blight and Drown in Sorrow. The Tokens deck simply plays too many X/2s for you to ever be able to sideboard out a reasonable number of them when you want that option.

Sample Jeskai Tokens List

Enter Myth Realized.

Myth Realized gives the deck a one-drop that can grow itself large enough to dodge all the previously mentioned black removal spells. Crux of Fate is also not a safe answer for your opponent to have.

Another possible home for Myth Realized is in a control deck where it allows you to play a cheap threat while holding up enough mana for countermagic on the same turn. On later turns, if your opponents don’t cast anything, you can use your unused mana to keep growing the Myth Realized monk at the end of their turns.


For Modern, it is apparent that Myth Realized would benefit from being included in the same deck as Delver of Secrets. I don’t think UW Delver is an actual possiblity, so I tried to research for the last time UWR Delver was relevant. I stumbled upon two-time World Champion Shahar Shenhar’s top 8 list from GP Columbus three years ago. He also played the same deck later that year at Pro Tour Return to Ravnica.

UWR Delver by Shahar Shenhar – GP Columbus 2012 Top 8

UWR Delver by Shahar Shenhar – Pro Tour Return to Ravnica 2012

One of the very first things you can try is to straight up swap out Steppe Lynx for Myth Realized and see how the deck runs. It’s less explosive, but is more consistent and more resilient to removal as it not only dodges sorcery speed removal but can very well grow bigger than even a Tarmogoyf in a short period of time.

I had discussed this card with close friend Alexander Hayne, so I want to end this section by crediting him for giving me brain food to write this part of the article. He also mentioned to me that he feels this card might be super sweet in Vintage where there’s a lot more access to powerful cheap spells to get Myth Realized going as quickly as possible.


One of my first impressions of Myth Realized was that it would be a very strong card in Limited. It’s cheap so it can be played at any point in your curve and it is scalable which allows it to be relevant in different parts of the game. You topdeck this card during a board stall late in the game? Sink all your mana into this and make it an extremely relevant threat!

However, it is really slow when you compare it to similar older cards like Chimeric Mass. With Chimeric Mass, every single mana you invest in it gives you more power. With Myth Realized, you are going to have to pay 2W for each counter instead.

The lack of evasion also makes it so that the new dragon monuments are likely better late-game cards than Myth Realized, so now we have to ask ourselves in what type of deck can we maximize the power of an early resolved Myth Realized.


Myth Realized is essentially a prowess creature except that it gets to keep the extra power and toughness forever. Since Dragons of Tarkir is meant to be drafted with Fate Reforged, Myth Realized is clearly at its best in some sort of UW Prowess deck that contains multiple copies of Soul Summons and Write into Being. A curve of Myth Realized into Soul Summons into Write into Being is obviously very strong.

Soul SummonsWrite Into Being

Because the power level of Myth Realized is so dependent on the configuration of your deck and how many non-creature spells your deck plays, it is very unlikely that Myth Realized is going to be a happy first pick in your upcoming drafts with the new set, so don’t fall into the trap of first picking this because it is a rare unless you really want to try it out.

And with that, I hope you enjoyed this preview article and I want to thank Wizards for allowing me to spoil this special card on my 30th birthday.