From Extended Souls To Playing Control


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KYT and Rob Lombardi get all the details about Pro Tour Ixalan, as Team First Strike 9-7 member Doug Potter and ever-popular guest Shaheen Soorani, Pro Tour Control Club member, share their experiences.

  • (00:02:32) What was it like for Shaheen to be on a different Pro Tour team? Why can’t he just play the best deck at a Pro Tour?
  • (00:15:31) Why did team First Strike play Ramunap Red and what makes it one of the hardest decks in Standard to play?
  • (00:24:01) Where there really more punts at this Pro Tour than others? But was slow play improved?
  • (00:44:55) Which deck from the Pro Tour was most impressive? And why were there so many Nissa, Steward of Elements?
  • (00:50:58) When would Shaheen recommend playing the Approach control deck over his Grixis control deck?
  • (00:55:21) What went on in Modern across Canada this past week? Is 5-Colour Humans still as good?
  • (01:01:28) Does Shaheen still dislike Modern? What cards would he unban in February? Is Krark-Clan Ironworks ban-worthy?

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Shaheen Soorani – @shaheenmtg

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