F2F Magic Weekend Recap: big mana dominates in St. John’s


It’s hard to believe that its been seven whole years since we at Face to Face Games started traveling to host big events. First with the ManaDeprived Super Series and now the FaceToFaceGames.com Open Series that we’ve grown to span the entire country.

This weekend in St. John’s, Newfoundland we surpassed another milestone when we hosted our first ever two day Open at our inaugural Magic Weekend, and the reception from the east coast community was incredible! We had a great time spending the entire weekend with everyone battling.

And of course, when the last card was drawn, we had our first ever Magic Weekend champion to crown — Michael Warr triumphed over the rest of the competition with his Modern TitanShift deck.

Your Modern Magic Weekend champ, Michael Warr.

While it was a huge weekend for us at Face to Face, it was also a big weekend for the Modern format at large. Of course, this was the first weekend of major events after the banning of both Faithless Looting and Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis and the unbanning of Stoneforge Mystic. That means this was one of the first big events to see what this new format really looks like.

And while everyone was fired up to see some Stoneforges enter the battlefield, Warr let everyone know that there’s still a tried and true way to punish midrange decks in Modern — make a bunch of mana and put a Primeval Titan on the stack. In fact, Warr defeated yet another big mana deck in Nick Gosse’s Mono-Green Tron deck in the finals.

With the influx of Stoneforge there was obviously a big hope from everyone that we’d get some good old midrange mirrors in Modern. But apparently, the Karns and Titans in St. John’s had other plans.

Your St. John’s Magic Weekend Top 8.

Joining Warr and Gosse in the Top 8 was Robert Hermanto on Mono-Red Eldrazi, Shane Crewe-Wyatt playing Burn, Nicholas McNeil piloting Neoform Combo, Chris Stoyles on Jund, David Pike on Amulet Titan and Michael’s brother Marcel Warr who also Top 8’d with TitanShift.

As you’ll notice, our Top 8 was absolutely packed to the brim with decks looking to cast big spells ahead of schedule, or linear decks that go underneath the rest of the format. Lots of mana and fast kills was the theme of the tournament.

Our inaugural Magic Weekend was chalked full of awesome storylines. Of course it was awesome to see the Warr brothers Top 8 together, especially after Marcel was able to take down one of our Trials to secure some byes for the event.

If you take a look at that Top 8 photo, you’ll see a ton of similar attire among our players. And that’s because our event was absolutely dominated by a group of friends from a local store called Salt Road Magic that landed five of the eight slots in the Top 8.

Outside of all of the action in the main event, we also had players on site all weekend battling in our three constructed events, Commander pods and buying and selling cards at the booth. We could not be more excited about the reception we got from the St. John’s community and we’re excited to bring you more of these Magic Weekends in the future!

Before I leave you for the week I’ve got one last reminder for you. Our Toronto MCQ is coming up quickly and you’re going to want to make sure to pre-register to secure your spot. This time it’s Modern so it’s sure to be packed! We’ll see you there.

Congratulations again to our champion Michael Warr from everyone at Face to Face Games! Additionally, we’d like to extend our thanks to our amazing sponsors — Ultimate Guard and Oakie Doakie Dice — for helping us make this event a reality. We’d also like to thank our awesome judge staff who ran a smooth event all day long!

With our tournament series growing every week we’ve added a feedback point of contact to our workflow in order to create the best events possible for you all in the future. If you there are any changes you’d like to see from our events email us at: feedback@facetofacegames.com.

The next stop on the series is coming up this Saturday Sept. 7 when we’ll be traveling to beautiful Edmonton, Alberta for a Modern Open. Grab your Stoneforge Mystics, make sure to pre-register and we’ll see you there!