This past Sunday, Eldrazi Temple helped three people qualify for Pro Tour Aether Revolt in Dublin, Ireland which will be taking place from February 3rd to 5th in 2017. Eduardo Sajgalik and Mathew Stein clinched their invite with Bant Eldrazi while Vincent Thibeault managed to continue his strong run with his Eldrazi Tron deck with another successful tournament. Rounding out the top 4, we have Robert Buck who piloted Affinity.

Bant Eldrazi – Eduardo Sajgalik (T4)

Eldrazi Tron – Vincent Thibeault (T4)

Bant Eldrazi – Mathew Stein (T4)

Affinity – Robert Buck (T4)

Jeskai Aggro – Kyle Ducharme (T8)

Titan Breach – Alexandre Forget (T8)

Delirium Jund – Charles Trottier (T8)

Merfolk – Johnathan Bentley (T8)