Southern Ontario Magic converged on Niagara region this past Saturday to battle Modern as the Open Series made another stop. Modern’s been in a really healthy place over the last little while and Alex Bianchi took his U/W Control deck to the number one spot in this event.

Aside from Bianchi’s winning decklist, this Top 8 could be defined simply as colourless cards and big mana. There were certainly a lot of copies of Primeval Titan and even more copies of Cranial Plating. It’s becoming quite clear that the linear specialists of the Modern format have found the best ways to defeat Death’s Shadow and other fair decks. Valakut and Affinity are just running rampant all over Modern right now, along with Eldrazi Tron which was surprisingly absent from this Top 8.

Bianchi certainly came prepared for this metagame, sporting four copies of Supreme Verdict and a full four Ghost Quarters for Valakut decks. Maybe these kinds of catch-all answers are the place for fair decks in Modern to come back around and deal with the Affinitys of the world. Decks like traditional Jund and B/G Midrange with a Ghost Quarter package as well as U/W Control can sport the kind of versatility capable of beating these kind of metagame shifts.

This Top 8 event also featured the always great to poke-fun-at Edgar Magalhaes who has repeatedly claimed that his Amulet Titan deck has “no bad matchups” despite losing in the quarterfinals.

If you’re looking to solve the constant puzzle that seems to be Modern right now Face to Face has got you covered with our first ever Open+ event taking place on Sept.16. This event will be a Modern 5k tournament with both first and second place receiving $400 travel stipends and invitations to the StarCityGames Invitational. So if you you played this event or are reading to keep up with the metagame I’ll see you on Sept. 16 to battle !

First Place: Alex Bianchi, U/W Control

Second Place: Steve Verheyn, Merfolk

Third Place: Ian Zdrojewski, Affinity

Fourth Place: Ian Heezen, Affinity

Fifth Place: Raymond Li, G/R Titan Shift

Sixth Place: Andrian Farkavec, Affinity

Seventh Place: Nick Cummings, G/R Ponza

Eighth Place: Edgar Magalhaes, Amulet Titan