Face to Face Games Classic Recap: Modern in Saskatoon


If you asked me today what the best deck in Modern is I’d have a pretty hard time not advocating on behalf of Bant Spirits. Especially if we’re considering the most recent FacetoFaceGames.com Open Series results.

This past weekend the Open Series traveled to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for a Modern Classic. Justin Lee was able to take down the trophy, with some help from his Spirit friends.

Your Saskatoon Modern Classic champion, Justin Lee.

Spirits checks all the boxes when it comes to Modern. It’s got a fast clock, powerful individual cards and enough disruption to allow you to interact with the format’s most linear combo decks.

Another place it really shines is in its sideboard. Unlike the previous top dog for tribal aggro decks — Humans, Bant Spirits has access to hay-makers like Rest in PeaceStony Silence and Worship. The deck really has got it all.

Our Saskatoon Modern Classic Top 8.

Joining Justin in the Top 8 were a slew of other beat down decks with varied degrees of disruption along with a copy of Mono-Green Tron and a copy of Ad Nauseum. Creatures are king in Modern, and this event certainly showed us that.

Notably, Isaac Pasloski’s second place Humans decklist looks particularly well-tuned to me. The two copies of Knight of Autumn are brand new versatile additions to the deck from Guilds of Ravnica that I like a lot in a format filled with artifacts and enchantments. I’m also a big fan of the Riders of Gavony in his sideboard that can really act as a bomb in these creature mirrors.

Last but not least I’d like to mention Mitchell Brown and his Hardened Scales deck. This is obviously no longer an unknown quantity, but is a deck that I believe to be one of the best in Modern and that gets slept on a little too often. There are just so many broken cards in this deck and it has one of the fastest clocks in the format.

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Congratulations to Justin on his big win this past weekend! The next stop on the FacetoFaceGames.com Open Series is coming up on Dec. 15 when we’ll be travelling to Red Deer, Alberta for a Modern Open. Make sure to pre-register, get your creature combat skills tuned up and come on out to battle!

First Place, Justin Lee – Bant Spirits

Second Place, Isaac Pasloski – Humans

Third Place, Cameron Carruthers – Infect

Fourth Place, Ben Burrough – Dredge

Fifth Place, Mark Sedgewick – Eldrazi Tron

Sixth Place, Mitchell Brown – Hardened Scales

Seventh Place, Ethan Gray – Ad Nauseum

Eighth Place, Brian Keminsky – Mono-Green Tron