Face to Face Games Open Recap: Modern in Charlottetown


The FacetoFaceGames.com Open Series traveled all the way to Charlottetown Prince Edward Island this past weekend. When the dust settled we had hosted the largest tournament in the history of Magic in the province in our first ever trip to PEI.

97 players turned out to battle Modern, and Michael Mead was able to take down the entire event with Modern’s latest all-star — Izzet Phoenix.

Your Open champion, Michael Mead.

Phoenix has certainly taken the spot atop the Modern mountain over the past few months and Michael showed exactly why on Saturday. This deck gets to capitalize on the density of cantrips in Modern, play some sweet cheap interaction and really take advantage of how busted of a card Faithless Looting is.

Mead defeated Kyle Milligan’s awesome Golgari Elves deck in the finals that featured a fairly new addition in Elvish Clancaller.

Our Modern Open Top 8.

The rest of our Top 8 featured a copy of the Death’s Shadow Aggro deck that has been gaining popularity recently, an Azorius Control deck, a copy of Humans, a copy of Tron, a red prison deck and a Jeskai Control deck. If anything screams Modern, it’s this smattering of archetypes in our elimination rounds.

You’ll recognize a couple faces among our Top 8 players. Dylan Miller, Brad Perry and Josh Breau all made the Top 8 in Halifax just a few weeks back with Miller taking home the trophy. In just two Opens, these three have really made a case for themselves as a force in the east coast Magic scene and I can’t wait for Face to Face Games to make our next trip out east so they have a shot at the three-peat.

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Congratulations to Michael on his Open trophy and to the rest of the Top 8 on their great run. A special thank you goes out to our judging staff who ran a smooth event all day long, and last but no least, our sponsor, Ultimate Guard for helping us make sure that our Top 8 had some awesome swag to take home.

Next weekend the Open series is making two stops, both on March 9. The first is in Toronto where we will be hosting a Modern Open+ which you can pre-register for here. The second is yet another Open+ in Red Deer, Alberta and you can sign up for that one here. It’s going to be a huge weekend for Canadian Magic, make sure to stop by the Face to Face Games booth and say hi!