Face to Face Games Open Recap: Modern in Halifax


One of the great things about Modern is that no deck ever truly dies.

Past kings of the format lay dormant for a while only to come out of nowhere when players are unprepared to take down a big tournament. If you master your deck you’ve always got a chance to take down the top spot. And that’s what happened on Saturday.

This past Saturday the FacetoFaceGames.com Open Series traveled all the way to beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia and Dylan Miller was able to conquer the competition with his Humans deck.

Your Halifax Open champion, Dylan Miller.

Miller brought a spicy take on Humans featuring two maindeck copies of Tajic, Legion’s Edge. This is a card there has been rumblings about in Humans since it was printed in Guilds of Ravnica and clearly Miller was able to play it to some success on Saturday. Miller had another new card hanging out his sideboard in Lavinia, Azorius Renegade. This one’s from Ravnica Allegiance and works to help the deck in one of it’s most difficult matchups — Tron.

With the addition of Izzet Arclight Phoenix to the format, many players have been down on Humans recently. But given the surprising lack of Phoenix in our elimination rounds on Saturday and some of these nice additions to Humans that Miller showed up with, maybe it’s not time to quit on the tribal beatdown deck just yet.

Miller was able to overcome another old school favourite in Affinity in the finals. His opponent, Sean Rutledge, also showed up with some new additions to his archetype. Sean played a copy of Sai, Master Thopterist in his maindeck to churn out some advantage in the mid game.

Your Halifax Open Top 8.

Taking a look at the rest of the Top 8, we had the more of the kind of diversity Modern is known for. Our other two semifinalists were Josh Breau playing Jeskai Control and Jesse Swanson playing Golgari Midrange. Filling out the Top 8 was one copy of Martyr Proc, a copy of Mono-Red Prison, another Golgari player and a single copy of Titan Shift.

Golgari has been dispatched by Grixis Death’s Shadow as the Thoughtseize deck-of-choice as of late. But, clearly old school Golgari was the way to go on Saturday out east.

While Miller and company were battling in the main event, dozens of players were battling in our nonstop Commander pods in the side events. Over the course of the day we fired a whopping 21 Commander pods. Additionally, we had players drafting all day in in our Draft till’ you Drop side events.

Congratulations to Dylan once again on his Open trophy and to the rest of the Top 8 on their great run. A special thank you goes out to our judging staff who ran a smooth event all day long, and last but no least, our sponsor, Ultimate Guard for helping us make sure that our Top 8 had some awesome swag to take home.

The next stop on the Open Series will be in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island on March 2. Modern is an ever-changing format so make sure you stay sharp if you’re coming out, and don’t forget to pre-register. Before that, this coming weekend, Face to Face Games will be at MagicFest Toronto buying and selling cards all day. Make sure to come on out and say hi!