Face to Face Games Open Recap: Modern in Vancouver


Nam Dang showed us all this weekend that it’s not just in Toronto where Primeval Titan is one of the FacetoFaceGames.com Open Series’ most dominant cards. He was able to lift the trophy in beautiful Vancouver, B.C. to and take down our Modern Open with Titan Shift.

Your Vancouver Modern Open champion.

Dang was able to harness the consistent power of excellent mana acceleration into powerful payoffs and triumph over a Top 8 filled with blue decks and other Primeval Titan strategies. Dang was joined by a full two copies of Amulet Titan, which adds up to 12 copies of Primeval Titan in the elimination rounds. I guess we know what was well positioned in Vancouver this weekend.

Over the past few months we’ve really started to see Amulet Titan make a resurgence in the Modern metagame. It’s obviously been nerfed since the banning of Summer Bloom, but it still has a very loyal following, and apparently — very few bad matchups. After Face to Face Games pro player Edgar Magalhaes won the the Toronto Open+ with it back in December, then he Matthew Dilks and Daryl Ayers made the Top 4 of the SCG Columbus Team Open with their triple Amulet lineup — it’s time we give this deck the respect it deserves.

Yascha Friesen played the version that splashes white this past weekend all the way to the finals. Specifically, the card Path to Exile does a lot of work to swing the Grixis Death’s Shadow matchup and gives you the ability to be a little more interactive post-board. And that’s what’s particularly good about Amulet, much like the recently-banned Ironworks Combo, it’s able to win the game on turn-two while also being able to rebuild quite quickly. This is rare even by Modern’s power level, and is exactly why I believe Amulet to be one of the format’s best decks right now.

Your Modern Open Top 8.

We also had a few awesome takes on Modern deckbuilding make it into the elimination rounds. There were a full three Celestial Colonnade decks in the Top 8 and they were all distinctly different. Brad Collicutt played an awesome U/W Flash style deck with Restoration Angel reminiscent of what Canadian Sean Mclaren won Pro Tour Born of the Gods with. Thanh Nguyen followed closely behind Brad with his Jeskai Geist deck he played to the semifinals. Both of these decks feature the high quality interaction that blue and white offer with a much quicker clock than usual. There’s a lot made of just how quick and linear Modern can be, so maybe these two have paved the way for us and built these Colonnade decks that can actually keep up with the format?

Face to Face Games contributor and recent StarcityGames Open champion Markus Thibeau also made the Top 8 with his beloved Mono-Green Tron deck. Thibeau has been on quite the heater recently, as this comes just days after he qualified for his first Pro Tour by winning a Magic Online PTQ with Tron. Thibeau is assuredly a rising Canadian star and showed that again this past weekend.

Congratulations once again to Nam on his win with Titan Shift this past weekend. Face to Face Games would also like to extend a special thank you to our sponsor, Ultimate Guard, who helped us out with some sweet swag for our Top 8 players. The next stop on the FacetoFaceGames.com Open Series is coming up this weekend in Halifax, N.S. where we’ll be hosting a Modern Open. Make sure to pre-register and we’re excited to see you there!