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KYT, Andy, and Derek invite special guest Eli Kassis, winner of GP New Jersey to dissect his GP victory with Jeskai in Standard, why Green-Black had such a poor top end showing, and what impact this will have on Pro Tour Standard deck selection.

  • (00:01:44) Why did Face to Face Games GM Matt Schmaltz have Eli sign 300 tokens for him?
  • (00:09:07) How did Eli & his team select Jeskai for Grand Prix New Jersey? How did the sideboard tech The Immortal Sun perform? Which 1-of in his maindeck outperformed?
  • (00:21:21) How has being on Team Face to Face Games been different for Eli?
  • (00:29:20) Where does Derek stand on Green-Black, after not making the top 8 at GP New Jersey? How can it beat the Arclight Phoenix deck? Will this success cause issues for Eli’s preparations for the Pro Tour in November?
  • (00:42:19) Why Jeskai with Azor’s Gateway over no Gateway? Does this Grand Prix metagame set the stage for Standard at the Pro Tour? Why was the Boros Angels deck a good choice for this Grand Prix, despite not winning?
  • (00:55:22) Hot Take: Best player in Canada right now?

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Eli Kassis – @Eli_Kassis

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