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KYT, Andy, Derek, Elliot, and Jonathan celebrate Elliot’s top 4 Modern victory at the RPTQ to earn a spot in the very first Mythic Championship.

(00:02:54) Elliot top 4’d his RPTQ to qualify for the very first Mythic Championship! How much experience did he have with KCI going into the Modern RPTQ? What kind of matchups did he face?
(00:12:14) What did KYT think of playing Bant Spirits in the Last Chance Qualifier for the RPTQ?
(00:20:09) Why did Jon switch back to Grishoalbrand for Grand Prix Portland? Is Mill in Modern the best new “graveyard” deck? What would Jon recommend for your next Modern tournament?
(00:29:17) Is Green-Black still the most consistent deck in Standard? What makes Izzet and Jeskai good competition?
(00:35:24) The World Magic Cup is this weekend: why does Canada frequently fail to deliver?
(00:39:57) Twitch chat for the WMC: is it a good mode to make it subscriber-only? What’s the over-under for people who subscribe to watch the WMC and chat? Will the format of Unified Standard be a put-off?

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