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KYT, Andy, Derek, Elliot, and Jon are joined by Markus Thibeau so we have not one but TWO people qualified for the first Mythic Championship! Also, stay tuned right to the last for the exclusive free official Ravnica Allegiance preview card, Cult Guildmage!

(00:01:36) How did Markus qualify for the Mythic Championship, and what Modern deck did he play?
(00:08:36) After seeing 4 Krark-Clan Ironworks in the GP Oakland top 8, when will it be time to ban KCI?
(00:15:54) What are Marcus’ sideboard suggestions for Tron in the current meta
(00:18:34) How does it feel for Derek to be qualified for the MOCS Championship and the Mythic Championship?
(00:27:58) What cards from Ravnica Allegiance look exciting so far? How powerful is this new set overall? How about from a financial perspective?
(00:36:38) Why does Andy love Fog in Standard, and what Ravnica Allegiance cards will take it over the top? Whate are Derek’s favourites?
(00:50:46) Which RNA cards does Jon think will see play in Modern?
(00:53:54) Introducing the official exclusive free RNA preview card, Cult Guildmage! How does this card look in Constructed, and in Limited?
(01:00:16) Reactions to the Alex Bertoncini lifetime ban from Magic.

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