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KYT, Elliot, Derek, Andy, and Jonathan talk about their expectations for the first Mythic Championship in Cleveland, the Standard metagame, and MSRP.

(00:00:57) Is Mono-Blue the best deck in Standard going into the first Mythic Championship in Cleveland? Wait, why not? What deck should Elliot play in the MC? Why is Sultai the deck for this tournament?
(00:12:09) What about Mono-White? Why not play that? How to select a deck for the Mythic Championship?
(00:21:34) Sideboard cards to consider for the Mythic Championship? Predictions for the top 8. Why Nexus of Fate decks might not be a good choice.
(00:27:01) What is the ranked grind like on MTG Arena? Why is Derek not playing Standard on the ladder?
(00:33:50) Based on the price of tix sales online, is MTGO on a decline? Are deck rental services good for MTGO? Is Electrodominance the power in Modern it was predicted to be? How well are the decks doing on MTGO?
(00:50:38) How is limited Ravnica Allegiance so far? Are enchantments too powerful in this format?
(00:54:47) What are the implications of the announcement about no more official manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for Magic product?

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