First Strike #119 – New F2F Toronto Store, MC London, MF Calgary Champ

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KYT, Derek, Andy, and Jonathan are joined by Kelly Ackermann from Face to Face Games Toronto, Edgar Magalhaes “the Amulet Savant”, and Attila Fur, winner of MF Calgary to discuss the new F2F store in Toronto, Amulet Titan territory, and Modern trends for MC London.

(00:01:10) F2F Toronto has a new store! Why is Kelly so pumped about it? Kelly wants to know what First Strike looks for in a LGS? What’s planned for opening week, next week?
(00:23:34) Is Canada now officially Amulet Titan territory? What are the recent changes with Amulet Titan? What metagame does Edgar expect for MC London? Why did Attila Fur choose the black splash over white in his MF Calgary-winning Jund Breach deck? Where does Bogles fit into the Modern meta?
(00:36:28) Which decks have gained the most from the new mulligan rule for London? Is it a good change that opponents will have access to decklists from the start of the tournament?
(00:44:27) What Modern trends does Jonathan predict for MC London? How is Edar preparing for Limited for the MC London?

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Edgar Magalhes – @EdgarMTG
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First Strike is a Magic: The Gathering debate-style podcast hosted that discusses the week’s hottest competitive and social topics of the game.

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