First Strike #12 – From the New Metagame to Rules Controversy


First Strike is a Magic: The Gathering debate-style podcast that discusses competitive and social aspects of the game. In this episode, Pro Tour Aether Revolt is in the books, and KYT moderates the debate topics between Robert Lombardi, Doug Potter, and Bryan Gottlieb, ranging from what happened at the Pro Tour to what lies after.

  • (0:02:09) What did they think of the Pro Tour metagame?
  • (0:06:47) What decks are the guys looking at going into GP Pittsburgh?
  • (0:24:39) What do they think of the new Advantage Bar on coverage?
  • (0:33:58) Did the new Team series do anything for the hosts?
  • (0:45:26) What do they think of the “Combat” ruling controversy?
  • (1:02:48) Was the Brock Parker disqualification justified?
  • (1:08:28) Who are your top 5 players of all time? Especially given PVDDR’s recent top 8 performance.

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KYT – @kytmagic
Robert Lombardi – @RobertLombardi0
Doug Potter – @DougPkr
Bryan Gottlieb – @BryanGo