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KYT, Derek, Elliot, Andy, and Jonathan are joined by Michael Rapp, GP Toronto champion, to look at Grixis Death’s Shadow, pros switching published decks, and which deck is on the rise in Standard?

(00:01:23) Did Michael consider any other deck’s besides Death’s Shadow for MC London? What changes did he make from his GP Toronto-winning list? Any cards from War of the Spark to add to Death’s Shadow?
(00:08:35) Is Neoform the hot new thing in Grishoalbrand? How did Jonathan do with Dredge at $4K this past weekend?
(00:16:52) If a pro publishes a decklist they intend to play prior to a tournament, should they be allowed to switch?
(00:23:13) What are people playing for Standard right now? Is Esper Heroes a good choice right now?
(00:35:57) Has Derek finally abandoned Green-Black for Standard? Is Selesnya Tokens on the rise?
(00:45:48) What Standard decks has Jonathan been cooking up in the lab? How good is the new Chandra in Mono-Red?

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