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KYT, Derek, Elliot, and Jonathan are joined by MCQ-winning Brian “BoSu” Su to look at Esper Heroes, the Standard metagame, and what did Gerry Thompson do to the Magic Pro League?

(00:01:23) What deck did Brian choose for the MCQ, and why? Elliot played the same Esper deck; what does he attribute his losses to?
(00:10:11) How was Derek’s weekend at the Magic Online PTQ? Why does he feel Phoenix is very well-positioned in Standard right now? But why is Derek’s favourite card Akroma, Angel of Wrath?
(00:19:59) What are the right decks to play heading into this weekend, according to Derek? KYT did poorly with Mono-Red, but Jonathan’s red list was piloted by some friends to high finishes at the Seattle MCQ. What makes his list different?
(00:25:01) BoSu describes his shady win, and how he talked an opponent into conceding. Is it acceptable to ask for a concession?
(00:36:48) What are the reactions to Gerry Thompson resigning from the Magic Pro League? Is the MPL really not being run as well as it should be? Should professional Magic not be about the money? Is the exclusivity shooting Magic as an eSport in the foot? How else could the assignment of the two open spots have been handled?
(01:04:41) Could MPL players be encouraged to play more entertaining decks? Or would they break the wacky formats?
(01:14:50) What is Jonathan seeing in the Modern metagame on MTGO lately, and why is it all Blue-White?

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