First Strike #14 – From Real Content to Modern’s Future


First Strike is a Magic: The Gathering debate-style podcast that discusses competitive and social aspects of the game. In this episode, KYT along with Doug Potter and Bryan Gottlieb, welcome Grand Prix Vancouver Top 8 competitor Gerry Thompson to talk about the Grand Prix and the Modern format.

  • (00:01:40) Does sharing solid Magic content hurt a Pro?
  • (00:06:36) How did Gerry get on the Death’s Shadow Jund deck from the GP?
  • (00:08:03) Should the original deck builder always get credit for a deck?
  • (00:24:32) How does Gerry feel about Standard right now, and what would he play?
  • (00:32:22) What defines a deck that Gerry wants to play?
  • (00:36:04) Is the Modern metagame healthy, and should anything be banned?
  • (00:39:18) What did everyone think of the return of the Sunday GP PTQ?
  • (00:54:06) Should Modern players be panicking that Sunday PTQs are Standard-only?
  • (01:01:18) Are they pleased with the job WotC is doing with the state of Magic overall?
  • (01:07:07) What was Gerry’s experience with the Team Series at the Pro Tour?
  • (01:09:23) What made Gerry finally decide to make a pro MtG podcast (“The GAM Podcast“)?

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KYT – @kytmagic
Doug Potter – @DougPkr
Bryan Gottleib – @BryanGo
Gerry Thompson – @G3RRYT