First Strike #16 – From Playing It Forward to Renting a Deck


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In this episode, KYT welcomes guest Chantelle Campbell, Grand Prix Vancouver 24th place and Play It Forward winner to fiercely debate Magic the Gathering topics with Robert Lombardi and Doug Potter.

  • (00:03:32) Introducing Chantelle
  • (00:05:05) The genesis of the Nahiri Breach deck, and how does it fare against the new darling of the meta, Death’s Shadow Jund?
  • (00:09:48) How did Chantelle win the Play It Forward prize for GP Vancouver?
  • (00:13:47) Why is it important to showcase the success of women and non-binary gender players at Magic’s highest levels?
  • (00:20:04) Is it worth taking risks on up-and-coming players in the new Pro Tour teams?
  • (00:25:18) What Standard deck does Chantelle recommend for upcoming RPTQs this weekend?
  • (00:30:56) What are the worst matchups for Mardu Vehicles in Standard right now? What deck is best for an RPTQ?
  • (00:46:56) Are services for renting decks, paper and online, worth it?
  • (01:07:50) How much maindeck artifact hate is reasonable in Standard?

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First Strike is a Magic: The Gathering debate-style podcast hosted by KYT that discusses the week’s hottest competitive and social topics of the game.