First Strike #18 – From Grand Prix Admission to Modern Masters Draft


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KYT moderates the discussion between Bryan Gottlieb and Doug Potter.

  • (00:02:01) Are the current trend of higher priced GPs still worth it?
  • (00:13:37) GP Prize structure: Is it okay that 12-3 can’t make cash? Is playing 16 rounds the solution?
  • (00:33:06) GP Porto Alegre won by Temur Tower: is the Standard metagame opening up?
  • (00:38:47) What format is preferable, a defined metagame with few decks or a wide-open format?
  • (00:44:13) The bizarre new Amonkhet split card which surfaced: what about it?
  • (00:55:29) Modern Masters 2017, what’s the verdict?
  • (01:04:41) Rapid Fire Questions: Should WotC use card Restrictions instead of bans? Should the early banned & restricted announcement window be scrapped in favour of the later one? Best Mardu build for the mirror?

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KYT – @kytmagic
Bryan Gottlieb – @BryanGo
Doug Potter – @DougPkr

First Strike is a Magic: The Gathering debate-style podcast hosted by KYT that discusses the week’s hottest competitive and social topics of the game.