First Strike #21 – From the Magic Art Show to More Bricks!


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First Strike are joined by Mike Linneman, @VorthosMike, who shares his plans for the Magic Art Show for Grand Prix Vegas, and its Kickstarter which is nearing completion. KYT unveils two new Amonkhet preview cards!

  • (00:01:39) What is the Magic Art Show?
  • (00:06:13) How did the Magic Art Show begin?
  • (00:13:11) Where does Magic art collecting stand now?
  • (00:16:57) How will they organize the Magic Art Show?
  • (00:20:26) Is it good that Wotc R&D will be reducing Gatewatch planeswalker appearances?
  • (00:36:42) In the wake of the < 500 player GP Mexico paying out the same as a 2000+ player tournament, should Grand Prix prize pools scale with the number of players?
  • (00:44:59) At team Grand Prix, if one player is late, should the team be allowed a substitute player?
  • (00:49:56) First Preview: Quarry Hauler
  • (00:55:15) Second Preview: Pyramid of the Pantheon!
  • (01:05:32) Champion of Rhonas, good card or overhyped?
  • (01:10:03) Pull from Tomorrow, is this as good as it looks and where does it fit?
  • (01:15:29) As Foretold, just how broken is this thing?

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First Strike is a Magic: The Gathering debate-style podcast hosted by KYT that discusses the week’s hottest competitive and social topics of the game.