First Strike #24 – From Mardu Vehicle Overload to Sealed Success


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KYT, Robert, and Bryan shuffle up their opinions on the Mardu Vehicle-heavy top 8 from the most recent SCG Open, Amonkhet Sealed as a format, and even Frontier.

  • (00:01:14) Is the cookie the most exciting part of the GP Toronto registration package?
  • (00:06:11) Are all the Mardu Vehicles in the SCG results anything to worry about?
  • (00:17:46) What is Rob’s plan for Pro Tour Standard after seeing these results?
  • (00:21:43) Is Lay Claim playable in the Marvel deck?
  • (00:24:20) Bryan asks when all the WU midrange/control decks will show up? Is Approach of the Second Sun the key?
  • (00:30:51) Going into GP Richmond, what have Bryan and Robert concluded about Amonkhet Limited? And why is white so bad?
  • (00:42:57) KYT’s Sealed Face to Face Open was a hard lesson.
  • (00:51:34) Some Pros are already claiming Amonkhet is the best draft format of all time. Are they right? How does it compare to Khans of Tarkir?
  • (01:02:07) What is a good average rating on MTGO?
  • (01:12:15) Is the grassroots Frontier constructed format dead or dying?

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First Strike is a Magic: The Gathering debate-style podcast hosted by KYT that discusses the week’s hottest competitive and social topics of the game.