First Strike #27 – From Fidget-Spinning Marvels To Amonkhet Revelations


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KYT, Robert Lombardi, Vince D’Agostino are joined the day after Grand Prix Montreal by Top 8 competitor Daniel Fournier to discuss the GP, Standard, and more!

  • (00:01:50) Which version of Aetherworks Marvel did Dan and Robert play at GP Montreal? And what was their plan for the mirror?
  • (00:16:12) What happened with the laptop, and why did Dan Fournier have a fidget spinner?
  • (00:20:35) The top 8 was diverse, but how was the rest of the metagame?
  • (00:28:14) What is needed to make Standard more appealing? Is it diverse enough?
  • (00:35:57) Vince chose not to play the main event in Montreal. How was his GP weekend playing side events?
  • (00:41:05) After a weekend of Amonkhet Limited, what was changed about Vince’s perception of the format?
  • (00:46:32) Impressions of Amonkhet sealed, as compared to draft.
  • (00:50:48) Fatal Push is going to be an FNM promo!
  • (00:53:17) What do they think of the announcement of the Play Design group in WotC R&D?
  • (00:58:34) Gerry Thompson is auctioning off his trophy & other souvenirs from Pro Tour Amonkhet for charity. How great is that?
  • (1:00:39) More interesting stories from the Grand Prix.

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