First Strike #29 – From Why Temur Dragons to Why Master Magic?


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KYT, Robert Lombardi, Bryan Gottlieb, and Vince D’Agostino get together to debate StandardĀ Pro Tour diversity, MTGO PTQ changes, and those leaked Hour of Devastation spoilers!

  • (00:02:00) Is the UW deck that won GP Manila going to change Standard?
  • (00:05:11) What is the real narrative about Standard that can be gleaned from the Trio of GPs this past weekend?
  • (00:16:12) If WotC does ban Marvel, what card(s) might become playable in Standard?
  • (00:18:50) Which flavour of Temur woul Rob recommend right now?
  • (00:24:11) Is Owen Turtenwald really trying to play less Magic, and why? Can competitive Magic emulate the fighting game model?
  • (00:40:24) With the Marvel decks making Standard currently seeming more luck-based, are people really feeling like mastering Magic has been a waste of time?
  • (00:46:51) Rob has been trying to make the Mono-Blue Reservoir deck work. Is it any good?
  • (00:50:09) Constructed PTQ changes on MTGO: Is it really better gettign rid of Constructed Preliminaries?
  • (00:58:42) Hour of Devastation spoilers reactions: Bontu’s Last Reckoning
  • (01:00:48) Nicol Bolas, God Pharaoh
  • (01:04:02) Samut, the Tested?

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Bryan GottliebĀ – @BryanGo
Vince D’Agostino – @daggr4

First Strike is a Magic: The Gathering debate-style podcast hosted by KYT that discusses the week’s hottest competitive and social topics of the game.