First Strike #32 – From Team Limited Lessons To the Hollow One


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Robert Lombardi, Bryan Gottlieb, and KYT (he’s back!) meet to talk with special guest, Mani Davoudi (@zapgaze), winner of the Grand Prix Las Vegas Modern event, and to reveal the exclusive preview card, Hollow One!

  • (00:02:06) What kind of prep did Mani Davoudi put in for GP Las Vegas?
  • (00:08:18) How did it feel to win a Grand Prix?
  • (00:10:27) What match-ups is Affinity favoured against in the Modern metagame?
  • (00:12:24) How did Rob do at the Team Limited GP in Cleveland last weekend?
  • (00:16:16) What are Rob’s main takeaways leading into his next Team Sealed event? What is Bryan’s approach to Team Sealed?
  • (00:25:20) Does Mani winning make Vancouver a more legitimate scene in Canadian Magic?
  • (00:35:24) Does the reduced variance of team Grand Prix make them more appealing?
  • (00:39:53) In Standard: Is Mardu really still the best post-board deck in the format?
  • (00:47:58) Hour of Devastation Preview card: introducing Hollow One! What do they think? What kind of constructed deck plays this? How about Limited?
  • (00:57:26) What are the first thoughts on the new mechanics of Hour of Devastation? Eternalize, Afflict, etc.

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KYT – @kytmagic
Robert Lombardi – @RobertLombardi0
Bryan GottliebĀ – @BryanGo
Mani Davoudi – @zapgaze

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