First Strike #36 – From Toronto Top 8 To Charging on the Bus


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KYT welcomes the newly crowned champion of Grand Prix Toronto, Robert Anderson, along with dethroned champ and co-host, Robert Lombardi, returning Grand Prix Top 8 competitor Doug Potter, and co-hosts extraordinaire Bryan Gottlieb and Vince D’Agostino to tell stories from the Grand Prix and discuss the new Limited format.

  • (00:03:53) So what kind of sealed pool took Rob Anderson to 8-1 on the first day? How does he beat Nicol Bolas? How did he prepare?
  • (00:11:24) Rob’s first draft of Day Two.
  • (00:22:04) Is it better to focus on practicing sealed versus draft?
  • (00:27:36) Is Hour of Eternity worth playing?
  • (00:30:23) How did Bryan and Vince’s Saturday go?
  • (00:39:44) Doug discovers he’s a Bronze level Pro now! How did his Day One sealed and Day Two drafts go?
  • (00:49:26) Doug feels that Blue-Red is so deep in Hours draft. Should you force it every draft?
  • (01:15:20) More GP stories from Rob Anderson.
  • (01:34:13) Rob Anderson’s trophy bus charger story.
  • (01:37:48) Doug’s GP weekend stories.
  • (01:41:31) Rob Lombardi’s and Bryan’s weekend stories.

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Vince D’Agostino – @daggr4

First Strike is a Magic: The Gathering debate-style podcast hosted that discusses the week’s hottest competitive and social topics of the game.