First Strike #38 – From That Zombie Metagame To Modern Matchup Roulette


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After Standard at Grand Prix Minneapolis and Modern at the SCG Open in Syracuse, KYT, Robert Lombardi, and Vince D’Agostino welcome Derek “Misplaced Ginger” Pite and Andy “Awkward” Peters to share their views on Standard, Modern, GP coverage, and MtG Arena.

  • (00:01:59) With Mono Black Zombies everywhere in Minneapolis, was this a surprise?
  • (00:10:26) What’s the next level after Zombies in the Standard metagame, then? Could it be Temur?
  • (00:20:05) Can you really respect Turbo-Fog decks in this metagame?
  • (00:24:57) What are the initial thoughts on the new Bronze level in the Pro Players Club?
  • (00:32:06) How did the all-female commentary team do on the GP Minneapolis coverage? What is the current state of WotC GP commentary? Is there anything the crew would change?
  • (00:44:10) Does Andy think that Affinity is still one of the best powers in the Modern metagame? How is the Modern metagame these days? Are rogue decks a problem?
  • (01:11:25) So “MtG Arena” is the name of the next digital game, how excited is everyone for this? What is MtG Arena?

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