First Strike #42 – From MODO PTQ Champion To The End of Byes


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KYT, Robert, and Bryan chat with special guest Connor Bryant about his recent Magic Online PTQ win, the state of Modern, and Ixalan cards.

  • (00:01:07) Connor Bryant took down the most recent MODO PTQ with Dredge.
  • (00:09:04) How does that UR Through the Breach Control deck look in Modern now?
  • (00:14:32) Can people react to the metagame in Modern? What deck to pick up for a PPTQ?
  • (00:17:58) Can Ashes of the Abhorrent have any kind of impact on Modern graveyard decks?
  • (00:20:29) What about that GW Ramp Standard deck in the top 8 of GP DC? What about Mardu?
  • (00:34:25) Are there any new Ixalan cards that will look good in Modern?
  • (00:41:16) Are byes in a Grand Prix too unfair an advantage for established players? What solution would make byes more fair for the entire field of a large tournament?
  • (01:04:26) Ixalan cards: Sanctum Seeker, what about this “almost Hellrider for Vampires”?
    Savage Taunt: The most drafted uncommon?
    Conqueror’s Galleon: How playable is this card?
  • (01:06:12) Can words be eliminated from a gamer’s vocabulary to make communication more engaging?

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