First Strike #46 – From Drafting for Science To Standard for Nationals


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KYT and Bryan have returned from Grand Prix Providence, and are joined by Rob to discuss the usual variety of topics.

  • (00:03:21) Is Green-White Dinosaurs a trap in Ixalan sealed? What takeaways about Ixalan sealed did KYT and Bryan take away from GP Providence?
  • (00:08:15) Is Ixalan limited as underwhelming as it is rumoured?
  • (00:19:46) What kind of approaches has Rob found work best in draft?
  • (00:24:06) Can anything make live coverage of team sealed events more interesting to viewers?
  • (00:28:33) What are the early thoughts on constructed, in the wake of the first SCG event of new Standard? Which decks should be played into the second week?
  • (00:35:23) With no clear best deck going into Nationals, how much time should be spent trying to break a card vs mastering an existing deck?
  • (00:40:13) Should there be more security at large Magic the Gathering events?
  • (00:53:42) Go Fund Me for First Strike Nation member Connor Bryant’s brother’s family, after his brother’s death.
  • Go Fund Me Supporting W. Eric Simmons’ Family:

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First Strike is a Magic: The Gathering debate-style podcast hosted that discusses the week’s hottest competitive and social topics of the game.