First Strike #68 – From Legacy Mavericks to the Fairy Godmother of Modern


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KYT, Robert, Derek, and Andy welcome Karim Badrubin to the show to lay some Legacy wisdom on them. They cover the rest of the constructed formats by looking at Modern from the MOCS Championship and Derek wins a Standard PPTQ!

  • (00:01:59) Karim made Top 32 in SCG Worcester with Abzan Maverick last weekend, so is this his best Legacy finish so far? Does the Legacy format change much from month to month?
  • (00:04:19) Why does Karim feel Grixis Delver is the best Legacy deck overall? And if so, why does he bring Abzan Maverick to Legacy? How does he fare against Grixis Delver?
  • (00:11:43) Should Deathrite Shaman stay in the Legacy format?
  • (00:16:59) Andy made Top 4 in the Face to Face Modern Open on the weekend with Jund. Why Jund? And what was that Thoughtseize story?
  • (00:22:46) Is it too early to say that Bloodbraid Elf might be too much for Modern? Was the impact that BBE has had on the format expected?
  • (00:30:17) Will Jund become the best deck in Modern, or can Tron or Bogles put it into its place again?
  • (00:33:46) Butakov becomes the first player to win the MOCS championship twice, and Lars Dam has a 71% win ratio in Limited online… are MTGO grinders better than the average MtG pro? Should MTGO be used for more professional level events? How was the coverage for the viewer?
  • (00:45:57) Derek won a PPTQ playing Standard Grixis Energy Midrange! What was the meta like? Do people still like the new Standard? What else have the guys been playing in Standard?

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