First Strike #74 – Krark-Clan Ironworks reveals its secrets


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KYT, Rob, Derek, and Andy chat with Shaheen Soorani on how broken the Krark-Clan Ironworks deck is in Modern. Or is it?

  • (00:00:54) What did Shaheen Soorani learn about KCI playing it at the last Pro Tour?
  • (00:07:32) How did Matt Nass’ GP-winning KCI list improve on Shaheen’s deck from the Pro Tour? First Strike exclusive: what sideboard card from Dominaria is Shaheen excited to start playing in KCI?
  • (00:19:41) What lessons about Modern did Andy learn playing in GP Hartford?
  • (00:24:51) Does Shaheen feel Jace the Mind Sculptor might still break Modern?
  • (00:32:40) Should WotC provide data to support their decision when they don’t make Banned & Restricted changes?
  • (00:37:29) What has led UR God-Pharoah’s Gift to the top metagame spot in Standard? Can it be beaten?
  • (00:48:09) Will Damping Sphere from Dominaria help put a stop to KCI in Modern? Will the pre-order prices for the interesting Dominaria cards hold after release? What are some of the Dominaria cards the guys are looking forward to?

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