First Strike #75 – From the battlefield collage to early Dominaria impact


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KYT, Rob, and Derek are joined by guests Bryan Gottlieb and Connor Bryant, to cover new game board layout policy changes, and how Dominaria is already changing Modern, Standard, and Limited.

  • (00:04:59) Game layout policy changes: Does this sound like a good change?
  • (00:15:31) What cards from Dominaria are looking good for Modern? Can Skirk Prospector make Goblins? Is Dredge now relegated to being a worse Hollow One deck? Will Damping Sphere kill Tron, Storm, and KCI? Will The Antiquities War find a fit? Which deck does Conner recommend for listeners going into this weekend?
  • (00:31:50) Listener question: In Standard right now, is it worth dedicating a lot of sideboard space to beating a very bad matchup, or just playing the match-up lottery?
  • (00:35:32) How is Standard with Dominaria looking on MTGO? Derek playing UB Midrange in Standard. Will Syncopate help define Standard?
  • (00:41:44) Will Karn, Scion of Urza redefine Affinity in Modern?
  • (00:47:12) What other decks in Standard are finding success with Dominaria cards?
  • (00:53:27) One weekend in, how does Dominaria Limited look? Is Dominaria slower-paced than Rivals of Ixalan?
  • (00:58:18) Bryan was interviewed on Humans of Magic podcast! What was that like?

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