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KYT, Andy, and Derek are joined by Kingston’s Elliot Fortier (clandestine Level 2 judge) to talk about lessons learned at the Team Constructed RPTQ and Grand Prix Pittsburgh, as well as start the countdown to Canadian Nationals this coming weekend.

  • (00:01:36) What happened to Derek, and why is it so positive? And what lesson did his team learn about Carnage Tyrant to get their Pro Tour invitation?
  • (00:10:27) Is there any wisdom Derek learned from winning Team Trios that can be taken to Nationals? What Standard deck will Derek play for Nationals?
  • (00:15:58) ManaDeprived.com is moving to Magic.FacetoFaceGames.com this week!
  • (00:21:05) What happened to Andy at Grand Prix Pittsburgh? What card from his UB sidebard does he want to draw most against control decks? Speaking of UB, why did Derek take the Ravenous Chupacabra out of his maindeck?
  • (00:35:20) Why is Pascal Maynard is backing a site called FanEsports.com, and what does it have to do with Magic the Gathering? Is the Pro Tour ready for serious fantasy player drafting, and will it be good for the Pro Tour?
  • (00:49:20) What’s the best approach to Dominaria Limited for Canadian Nationals this weekend? Why will Limited be the more important of the two formats at Nationals?

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Kar Yung Tom – @KYTmagic
Andy Robdrup – @AndyAWKWARD
Derek Pite – @misplacedginger
Elliott Fortier – @elliot_fortier

First Strike is a Magic: The Gathering debate-style podcast hosted that discusses the week’s hottest competitive and social topics of the game.