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KYT and Andy welcome Pro Tour titans Jon Stern and Alex Majlaton to discuss Thursday’s Organized Play announced changes, the differences between Pro Tour Club levels, Pro Players advising Organized Play, and their thoughts on the 2018 Pro Tour Hall of Fame ballot.

  • (00:01:33) The format for the first Pro Tour of 2019 won’t be announced until 8 weeks prior. How big a change is this?
  • (00:11:49) What if they cut the Limited portion from the Pro Tour permanently? Would that kill Limited at a local store level? Is presenting Limited just a case of changing the approach to live coverage?
  • (00:24:26) How welcome is the news that Pro Tour Club Level is now extended to two cycles? How big of an impact is it on pros at Gold level? How big is the impact on Silver level pros? Is it important for the game that the dream of becoming a professional Magic player should be possible?
  • (00:50:14) Will Pro Player Advisors for Organized Play be a good thing? What Pro Tour Club level should these advisors be from?
  • (01:01:19) Should the Hall of Fame 2018 voting system be changed? Who is currently on Alex’s ballot? And Jon’s?
  • (01:17:37) What are the thresholds for Jon and Alex to put a player on the ballot?

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