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KYT, Andy, and Derek get together with Edgar Magalhaes fresh off a Standard top 8 at Grand Prix Providence, and none other than Gerry Thompson himself to talk about the GP, the Hall of Fame, cheating, and DreamHack in Montreal.

  • (00:01:05) GerryT’s GAM charity Auction, and why are pros only now taking to producing competitive-focused podcasts?
  • (00:06:40) What did Gerry and Edgar play at GP Providence, and why? What kind of field did they expect? And how did UB Midrange perform for Edgar?
  • (00:14:19) What does Gerry think of Militia Bugler in Modern Humans? When is four the right number?
  • (00:17:59) Who does Gerry have on his Hall of Fame ballot, and what are his metrics? Should voters be influenced by the allegations of cheating and stories that have been popping up on social media? Is there a cultural bias at play?
  • (00:39:04) Who should be receiving Pro Tour Hall of Fame voting ballots? What makes another person capable of judging a Magic pro? How much do outside contributions to the game count?
  • (00:52:02) Should you worry about cheaters at the Grand Prix and the Pro Tour? Should sanctions for cheating be harsher?
  • (01:11:17) DreamHack in Montreal in two weeks! So what got Gerry started playing Shadowverse?

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Andy Robdrup – @AndyAWKWARD
Derek Pites – @misplacedginger
Edgar Magalhaes – @EdgarMTG
Gerry Thompson – @G3RRYT

First Strike is a Magic: The Gathering debate-style podcast hosted that discusses the week’s hottest competitive and social topics of the game.