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KYT, Andy, and Derek couldn’t help but bring back Dan Lanthier, who took his trusty UW Control to the top 8 of the SCG Syracuse Modern Open last weekend. Join them as they look at Modern, how the new Guilds of Ravnica cards will affect Standard, and the ramifications of cheating, or alleging cheating.

  • (00:02:45) Did Dan Lanthier make any changes to his UW Modern list before SCG Syracuse? What are some of the pitfalls of playing control in Modern? Why does Dan prefer Serum Visions over Hieroglyphic Illumination?
  • (00:17:14) How does Dan’s list compare to Joel Larsson’s 2nd place UW list from GP Stockholm? What does Dan think of Bant Spirits?
  • (00:21:36) Derek has been playing RB in Standard, but in what directions does he see Guilds of Ravnica taking Standard? How will Citywide Bust fit into Standard? How good is the new Aurelia?
  • (00:37:10) Will Pelt Collector slot right into Mono-Green? Which is better, Ritual of Soot or Citywide Bust?
  • (00:49:23) Is 18 months banning for lying to a judge fair? Why or why not?
  • (01:03:40) What are the ramifications of publically calling out an alleged cheater?
  • (01:11:25) Hearthstone In the Works update, should Magic have more announcements like this? What do the guys think about the halt on setting aside the development of In-Game Tournaments?

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Kar Yung Tom – @KYTmagic
Derek Pite – @misplacedginger
Andy Robdrup – @AndyAWKWARD
Dan Lanthier – @DanLanthier

First Strike is a Magic: The Gathering debate-style podcast hosted that discusses the week’s hottest competitive and social topics of the game.