This year at #GPToronto we are stepping it up in the food department! Last year, our trucks were overrun by hungry gamers, so this year we’ve turned up the gas! (Well they are all electric for safety reasons, but you get it.)

With three full service food trucks, a hot dog cart, ice cream booth, coffee cart and a lemonade stand, you’re bound to find something amazing that is just your style. That’s over three times the food vendors we had last year!

Here is what to expect!

Mustash Burger is back by popular demand! Serving up great burgers, falafel and fries, its a dream come true from meat eaters and vegetarians alike! Have you tried their poutine supreme? Don’t miss it.

Delight Bite offers outstanding burritos, tacos and quesadillas! Whether steak, chicken, or veggie, they have something great for you. Did I mention fish tacos?

The “Steak and Fried Chicken” food truck probably has a real name… but to me I just call them “Tasty”. With hot, fresh, southern fried good stuff, you won’t want to miss it!

And if an old fashion smokie is what you need, grab a hot dog at the Pita and Rye hot dog cart.

All day, keep yourself going from one of the other snack carts: Wandering Bean Coffee, with you guessed it; Coffee! On top of that they will have some sweet baked goods as well. Then, head down to the Face to Face Booth, where set up right next to us will be an ice cream cart and a lemonade stand! Don’t forget to use your refillable water bottle at the water station near the food court end of the hall.

And of course, everyone playing the Main Event or picking up a side events package will have a tasty Sweets From The Earth cookie to keep them going when hunger hits! These nuts free, vegan cookies might look like they are too healthy to be delicious, but think twice before trading it for your neighbour’s Progenitus promo… These are the 10/10 of all cookies so you probably want to give them protection from everything!

– Outside food is permitted so if you would rather pack a lunch from home, go for it.
– Alcohol is not permitted on site, so if you’re going to a party later, please swing by an LCBO after your visit to the #GPToronto, not before.
– Please be mindful of your garbage/refuse and leave the spaces you use clean.

Grand Prix Toronto 2017 is being held at the Enercare Centre in Toronto, Ontario starting this Friday, July 21st and lasts until Sunday, July 23rd! There is no venue entry fee! For more information, visit!